About Olive Lane

Olive  has always yearned to help people, and realising she wasn't achieving this in the business world decided to change direction into natural healing. She started with an introductory weekend of Reflexology and realised that this was the path she had been looking for to help people achieve better health.

Olive LaneAfter graduating in Advanced Practitioner Reflexology in 2000 she then went on to study and graduate in Fascial Kinetics (Advanced Bowen Therapy). Since then she has continued to study different types of Reflexology (Universal, Crystal, Vertical Reflex Therapy and Cranio-Sacral) and also added Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Metamorphic Technique, Ear Candling, Bach Flower and Shell Essence Remedies to her practice.

Olive has been an active member of the Reflexology Association of Australia Committee and was President of the Bowen Therapists Association of Victoria for three years.

Olive has a strong interest in treatment of Neurological Disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis etc. This is as a result of having completed a course of “Return to Stillness” with John Coleman (a self healed recoverer of Parkinson’s Disease). The beneficial results achieved in treatment by Olive in conjunction with John have seen a vast improvement in the quality of life for people afflicted with these conditions.

Olive has completed "Hormonal Release The Bowen Way".  These procedures help address the symptoms of reproductive and neurological system, such as menopause, mentstrual pain, infertility, pregnancy and incontinence. 

In 2010 Olive added Auriculotherapy (Ear Reflexology/Acupressure) to her modalities.  This can be combined with Foot Reflexology or Bowen Therapy to help enhance these treatments. 

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