Australian Bush Flower White Light Essence Remedies

WATER – The Water Essence remedy integrates the element of Water within you and attunes you to its vibration, and to the Nature Spirit of Water.  This essence is appropriate for anyone who isn’t  choosing to, or feels that they can’t let go of aspects from the past.  This remedy, together with the element of Water, is very nurturing and cleansing and encourages us all to be more open to receiving.

EARTH – The Earth Essence allows you to be more effective in your work.  On an emotional level this remedy helps to bring stability into relationships and people having problems in committing to one.

FIRE – The Fire Essence can open people to their most ancient source back to the moment when the soul originally chose the life purpose for its earthly incarnations.

AIR – The Air Essence itself produces a sensation of feeling light, easy and carefree.  This remedy helps one to maintain balance between intellectual and an emotional approach, whilst also aiding discrimination and discernment.

HIGHER SELF – The Higher Self Essence funnels and channels energy of the highest order into one’s very core, from where it will radiate out and expand dramatically.

DEVIC – The Devic Essence assists us to care for ourselves on a spiritual level and brings about a devotional, nurturing quality within us for ourselves and others as well as nature .

ANGELIC – The Angelic Essence provides not only a key to ancient knowledge but also to future wisdom.  This remedy removes the blockages which will result in them having to ‘see and hear’ everything, whether they like it or not!  This essence also produces a sense of empowerment, especially in relationships and stressful situations by creating mental clarity.

It is recommended to start with Water Essence which helps dissolve away the limitations of where you believe you are capable of going, prepares the way for the other essences to take you beyond your old reference points and limitations.

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